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            Directory of international shipping and moving companies. Find the lowest shipping cost to overseas destinations! help
            Low cost international shipping and moving services!

            Air Shipping

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            Whenever you need fast delivery, save your time and money - use our International Air Shipping Directory to locate a shipping company with reliable delivery and shorter transit times.

            Services presented include terminal operations, airfreight, airfreight reservations and flight schedules, instance information from most international airports and/or airlines, customs clearance and general freight forwarding activities.
            Low cost international shipping and moving services!
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            Careful services from international shipping companies from all over the world offered. Just specify your interested destination and find local company for the most convenient transportation and moving worldwide.

            Advantage Air Freight
            Aer Lingus
            From time sensitive machine parts that need to be there today to a truckload of refrigerated produce to precious animal cargo, Advantage has the network and expertise to insure your shipment's efficient delivery.   Headquartered in Dublin Airport, Aer Lingus provides a wide range of services in cooperation with its agents all over the world.
            Aerosvit Cargo
            Afriqiyah Airways
            Aerosvit Cargo is a general agent for Ukrainian Airlines. It is the best solution to ship your cargo to Ukraine directly, without transfer.   Afriqiyah Airways are fushll members of the International Air Transport Association, and as such the company follows all international standards, relating to operations, maintenance, and safety.
            Air Astana
            Airtrades Freight Forwarders Inc.
            Air Astana is a joint stock company with its registered head office in Astana Tower Business Centre, Astana, Kazakhstan.   Airtrades Freight Forwarders Inc., an approved IATA Cargo Agent, was incorporated in 1984. The three partners, Ian Bailey, Pierre Dagenais, and James Hutchinson together bring years of experience from both the freight forwarding and airline industry.
            Alaska Aerofuel, Inc.
            Astra Cargo Ltd.
            Alaska Aerofuel, Inc. is the USA air shipping company.   Astra Cargo Ltd., was founded in 1982. Since that date the company has specialised in airfreight forwarding to the U.S.A. as a wholesale agent for Northwest Airlines.

            If you would like to have more than one free listing for your international shipping or moving company and get additional exposure of your international shipping services please consider our Advertisement Options.
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